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    Hookers Love Twitter

    Posted: February 16th, 2009 | Author: Agitationist | Filed under: social media, tools | Tags: , | No Comments »

    Giving new meaning to the term “Twitter”, a very entrepreneurial little startup has started their own account to promote the services of their “massage providers” and “escorts”. Http:// (which is clearly not safe for work, unless you work in the porn industry) provides links to pictures and reviews of their newest employees, info on how to “get in touch” with them, and even prices. Plus, there are john-friendly forums like “What’s the Craziest Place You’ve Ever Had Sex”, and “What’s the Worst Thing She Can Do?”

    It looks like the same people have set up accounts in about 30 major cities; @miamiescorts, @bostonescorts, etc. Altogether they have many hundreds if not thousands of followers. 

    Presumably this has benefits not just in marketing, but also in recruiting new employees. Recruiting is vital in any business, and I hear prostitution has a lot of turnover. [Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.]

    For the record, I think prostitution should be legalized, taxed and regulated. I’d say Health and Human Services was tailor-made to oversee it; just look at the name. And if we can have “sin taxes” on other things, why not on the big daddy of them all?

    But for the moment it’s illegal, at least on paper. So, a Twitter account? One might think this would give law enforcement a “leg up” in finding this company (which doesn’t appear to be hiding anyway). But it seems they know the police care more about busting the hooker on the street than the pseudo-respectable “escort company”.

    But how about the over 100 people following this account? Many of whom have apparently real names and faces on their accounts?

    Hi Chris! Saw you on the internet!

    Isn’t there a possibility that one might get in a little hot water with the wife/girlfriend/employer/potential employer/clients/friends/family for keeping up with the local hookers in such a public fashion?

    And what about those being followed? As of now, this company is only following their other escort accounts. But unless I’m wrong, Twitter allows you to follow whoever you want. So don’t be surprised if you one day find yourself trying to explain why there’s a link to a prostitution service on your Twitter page.

    If you do have that conversation, please let me know. I’d love to hear how it goes.

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